What are my options in a hospital peer review?

Each peer review proceeding is unique, so working with an experienced health care lawyer is critical.
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It is critically important to consult with experienced healthcare counsel as soon as you learn that you may be the subject of a misconduct complaint. Your counsel will assist you in evaluating the complaint, reviewing the bylaws, and mapping out the best course of action. Depending on where you are in the process, counsel may be able to negotiate a resolution before the peer review commences. Some of those options may include, among other things, an agreement to participate in remedial programs, suspension, a leave of absence, or resignation.  However, some of these options could be reportable by the hospital to the National Practitioner Data Bank and/or the state, so any option must be carefully assessed and negotiated with the assistance of counsel. The peer review process can be complex and tricky to navigate.  Accordingly, consulting with counsel well-versed in this area is the best way to protect your medical license and career.

If you are a physician subject to peer review, or a facility initiating one, ASG Law can help you develop and implement an appropriate strategy.