Physician Agreements & Privileges

Employment Agreements. Medial Peer Review. Recruitment Agreements. Non-Competes.

Physician Agreements & Privileges Services

Employment agreements, recruitment agreements, non-competes, and medical peer review all play a role in the relationship between providers. We help physicians, hospitals and other providers navigate these areas.

Physician Employment Agreements

Negotiating employment terms between a doctor and employer requires careful thought. Navigating disputes requires experience.

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Physician Recruitment Agreements

Recruitment of doctors involves a number of business and regulatory considerations. Balancing these factors requires a careful analysis.

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Physician Non-Compete Agreements

Know the ramifications before signing a non-competition or non-solicitation agreement. Know your options if such agreements are violated.

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Medical Peer Review

Peer reviews carry high stakes for both the hospital and the physician. Knowing how to navigate this process, and properly preparing for it, is crucial for both sides.

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